Sales Training

Advisors First Academy’s annuity sales training program can teach you a proven process to generate fixed annuity leads, secure qualified appointments, and write more contracts like the industry’s top annuity producers. Our program includes product education as well as annuity sales scripts that help you maintain control of your meetings and establish trust between you and your clients. Our experienced agents show you exactly what they have done hundreds of times to gain the confidence of clients. We also prepare you for the possible objections clients may have and teach you how to overcome them. Our annuity sales system focuses on seminars as your first impression with interested prospects.

Our annuity sales training program is designed to increase your appointment setting rate at seminars and increase your closing rate at appointments. Cut out the guesswork by learning a variety of strategies that we’ve acquired through our combined years of experience. Join Advisors First Academy today.

Fixed Annuity Leads

Our annuity sales system starts with seminar marketing. We assist our agents with all stages of preparation from booking the venue to purchasing compliance-approved mailers. Our seminar system can help you fill the room with qualified fixed annuity leads who have money that they want to protect.

We coach you on presentation skills, as well as how to relate to your audience. Learn how to speak to the concerns of your prospects in a way they will appreciate. Our presentations are designed to get the majority of attendees onboard for a one-on-one appointment. We can train you as well as your staff on appointment setting best practices to ensure that you increase your appointment setting rate. Then, in our weekly annuity sales training meetings, you’ll learn how to effectively close the deal with the client.

Top Annuity Producers

Our annuity sales strategies were developed by some of the industry's top annuity producers through decades of combined experience. Members of our FMO don't have to spend years going through trial and error; we've already created a repeatable system that you can use too. From generating fixed annuity leads to upselling and getting referrals, we can give you the roadmap for success in this business. Get one-on-one training from successful agents and learn the secrets behind the sales.

Annuity Sales Scripts

Our weekly annuity sales training sessions go over a variety of topics including our proven annuity sales scripts. Learn how to establish trust and present products using a simplified, persuasive explanation.
Our top annuity producers will let you in on the precise language they use to keep meetings on track for a sale.

They will also teach you strategies for dealing with common objections. By understanding their specific concerns, you can help clients overcome their doubts and make the sale. With the information provided in our training courses, you’ll be able to repeat the same sales process and increase your production significantly.

Advisors First Academy offers the following services to our members, as a part of our comprehensive annuity sales system:

  • Product training to help you master the subject and match clients with the right annuities
  • Annuity sales scripts that we’ve used hundreds of times to lead prospects into the sale
  • Strategies to overcome any objections that clients may have
  • Ongoing, personalized support from our instructors

Annuity Sales System

Our FMO transforms careers because we provide our members with guidance and direction that they don’t get from the companies they sell for. Our annuity sales training program isn’t just a series of lectures; it’s a partnership between you and our top annuity producers. You’ll get our undivided attention when you need it.

Annual Review

The annual policy review is a benchmark of our overall sales system. There are a number of life changes can affect the policy-needs of your clients. When you check in with them on a yearly basis, you get the chance to pick up on those changes and offer new coverage, when appropriate. It also helps you build brand loyalty, increase client retention, and encourage referrals. Our annuity sales training program can teach you how to conduct effective annual policy reviews with your clients that build loyalty and allow you opportunities to cross-sell.

Incentive Program

Our incentive program offers valuable perks that motivate our agents to be the best they can be. Find out more about how Advisors First Academy offers career development opportunities like no other FMO in the industry.
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