Advisors First Academy offers operational assistance that produces impressive results and saves you and your staff tons of time. From business model planning and office setup to appointment confirmations, we help you with the day-to-day tasks of running your business. We don’t let qualified annuity leads slip through your fingers. Our operations and administrative support services make setting annuity appointments smooth, simple, and successful. We offer appointment setting training for your staff so that you can focus on the bigger picture and get more prospects in the door. You can also increase your appointment follow-through rate with the use of our appointment confirmation script. We’ll train your staff to take care of marketing-related tasks, assist with seminar preparation, and handle other tasks that are bogging you down.

Appointment Setting Training

Here are some actionable tips for setting annuity appointments.

  • Be Genuine: as a salesperson, you know that gaining the trust of your prospects can be quite the hurdle. Be genuine, be respectful, and try to sound more like a caring neighbor than a salesperson.
  • Identify a Problem: identify a problem or “pain point” that your prospect may have which could be solved by owning an annuity.
  • Neutralize Objections: many prospects will object or simply reject you. The key is to know that these objections are typically more like impulse reactions than true disagreements with what you’re offering. Let prospects know that you’ll understand if they’re not interested, but reiterate how they would benefit from your services (and how other people in similar situations have already benefited from your services).

Our appointment setting training goes deeper into the details of each of these points, plus more. We offer hands-on training for both you and your administrative staff to ensure that you are maximizing your efforts and setting as many annuity appointments as possible. Partner with us and start getting qualified annuity leads into your office on a daily basis!

Appointment Confirmation Script

Many agents don't truly appreciate the importance of confirming annuity appointments. Appointment confirmation is essential because no-show appointments or last-minute-cancels can cost you thousands in lost income. A solid confirmation process can prevent you from having gaps in your schedule when you should be closing deals and making money. One missed appointment might not make a significant dent in your income, but if it happens several times per month, you probably need to implement better confirmation practices. Advisors First Academy's appointment setting training and appointment confirmation script can help ensure that your schedule stays full.

Qualified Annuity Leads

Our operations assistance services are designed to help you generate more qualified annuity leads and get them into your office for one-on-one appointments. Call us today to learn more about the various benefits and training that our members have access to; we're looking forward to helping you take your career to the next level.
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